Final Post

This semester has been a great semester in this class. I have learned a big importance on learning cultures. Especially when traveling how important it is to know their ways so you can be respectful. Also, not just assuming what people have gone through and how their lives have been.Because you really never know until you talk to them. This class has opened my eyes to a lot and I am thankful for it.


Twitter and Instagram would be the biggest influences to me. We are able to see a lot of perspectives from many different people on Twitter. There are a lot of pictures and memes about stereotyping certain races and groups of peoples. We may think it is funny or offensive, but no matter what, it is shaping our look towards that race or group of people. It is helping us strengthen our judgement that already exists. Instagram has accounts that make funny memes and videos and certain things like that as well. They all pull some jokes towards certain races or groups and that will also play a big role. Almost everybody has a twitter or an instagram and some are always on there looking for the next best tweet or picture that will make them laugh. I was not there for the guest speaker. I am sure he was great and had a lot of insight on what he talked about.


I do not know any interracial couple. It was weird to think that I do not know one. I have been thinking a lot about co cultures and it has really intrigued me to actually take the into count when I am trying to get to know someone. There are so many little things about culture that are interesting and important. Everybody is different in so many ways. I thought it was really brave for the people to sit up front and tell us their coming out stories. It must be really hard when they are not able to be who they are just because of the area they are in. If they were not in such a religious area where the religion is extremely judgemental and cutthroat, they would all live a better life. But I was happy to see that the people who showed up and accepted them with who they are. It was interesting to learn about the majority and minority of their co culture group.

post 7

I will never feel guilty about all the privilege I have had in my life. My Grandparents worked very hard to help my dad be successful and he worked very hard to be successful and stay successful. Same thing with my mom. They have both worked very hard to be where they are and they continue to work hard to stay successful and to put me in the best possible situation to succeed. I have always worked very hard to be where I am in my life. I know that there are people who get it easier than others, but everybody who has been successful has worked hard. There are people who get it easy and end up not being successful. So, I do not think anything less about my privilege. I am not guilty about it and nor should anybody feel guilty. Those who have more privilege than others should use their privilege to help the less fortunate.

The class monday was a fun game. I was lucky to draw such good coins all the time. When the head group got to make the rules. I screwed Kam over because I wanted his gold and if he had my two reds he would have more money.In his mind. But really he had 7 reds and could only use 5. But I still got my gold and got more than what I already had.


The activity that stuck out the most to me was the privilege walk. I knew that I grew up well off, but it is crazy to see how much adversity some people go through. But it is amazing to me to see that we all ended up in the same place. Some people had to work harder. Some people did not live up to their expectations or some people did way more than was expected of them. It did make me feel really blessed to live the life I am. But also made me feel different because
I felt like some people that were not standing with me were judging me. Whether they were in front or behind.


To me, privilege does not mean a whole lot to me. Honestly, I never realize a problem with privilege. The only time I do not feel like I am getting the same amount of privilege as other people is when I am at a place that I am the minority. I can see how people say white privilege is a think. Because in a predominately mexican are, there is mexican privilege and so on with other races.

When Patience talked to us, I was amazed at how educated he was, not because of his race, but by how many prestigious schools he has attended/ taught at. It was very impressive that he was able to achieve that all in a lifetime. I also really liked how people who are racist do no bother him, because he is not the one with the problem. I really enjoyed him speaking and happy he is at UVU.

Culture Self Assessment

I am a 21 year-old white male from Grand Rapids, MI.The small city inside of Grand Rapids that I lived at was called Forest Hills. This area is a very white community and also very very wealthy. There were a handful of African American families. Also, we had our “slums”, which was a very middle class part of the city. My family was not a part of the “slum” nor a part of the wealthy community. I mostly hung out with kids from the “Slums”, because I played 3 sports and did not have enough money to hang out with the wealthy kids.

I was considered middle class in my community, even though the real middle class was living in the “slums”. The average income of families in my community was $750 thousand. My family did not make close to that but would still be considered upper class in a normal community. The race there was large majority of white families. There were a handful of black kids at my school. I never grew up thinking there were any race problems, because I was always the majority and the minority never caused any problems nor stated how they felt about being a minority. Everyday, I came in contact with people of different culture at school. There were the rich kids, kids of my class and lower class. There was a large diversity of socioeconomic class on my high school baseball team. My coach was lower class, teammates were from all 3 classes and we all got along perfectly fine.

I identify as a middle class white american man. In the city of Forest Hills, there were a lot of wealthy families. Being a kid in what would be considered middle class there was perfectly fine. I grew up not caring about what race, class or gender people are. I still do not care. I played sports with kids from all classes growing up. You could always tell who was the rich kid on the team, because the rich kid would always have the newest and nicest equipment. As a kid in the middle class and knowing how expensive all the equipment was. I was always fine with getting the best cheap equipment. I knew that was the only kind of stuff my parents could afford and would be the best for my family. There are very small differences in quality of equipment. The richest kids, were not always the best players, they often got too spoiled and did not care enough. They always went to the most private lessons, but in reality, the “best” lessons were not by the best trainer. Just the best businessman. During the summer. When the rich kids were all out on vacation or at their cottages on Lake Michigan; me and the kids of my class and lower class would play baseball every afternoon at the local park. We would bring the balls we had, some money from your change jars and go play baseball and then go eat some pizza at dominos. Some days, we would help each other look for money in our couches.When we would play, we would wear our bad clothes that we could easily get dirty. There were a couple times when the richer people came and played with us. They would show up in their nice clothes and would try to to get them dirty. It was kind of funny to see a kid who wants to play baseball try to play in clean. What the difference was between us and the rich kids was if we got our nice stuff dirty. It was ruined. If they got their nice stuff dirty, they would just go buy new clothes. So, we all knew to wear our bad clothes so we could keep our nice clothes nice.
Outside of the sports, I learned that most of the rich kids really did not see the difference between their class and the other classes. They would hang out with whomever. The parents are the ones who tried to segregate the classes. It was pretty pathetic to watch parents try to suck up to other parents, just so their kids could be friends and they could say they are good friends with this upper class family. That was a common thing in elementary school. If your parents were good friends with them, you got invited to all the birthday parties and family events. Which there were some really nice gift bags if you got invited to the birthday party. That is how my city worked. Everybody that was not a part of the upper class tried to weasel their way into the class. It was very pathetic and I watched from happily chilling in my class. I could not believe the things people were willing to do just to be accepted. There were people changing everything about them, just to be included with the wealthy people.
What I learned about African Americans in my city was that, 1. They were very athletic, 2. They are very strong and big dudes, 3. They were all very nice families that were nice to everybody regardless of their race. I got along with a lot of the black kids at my school. I never saw them as being different or being less of me. I accepted them as friends and really got to become good friends with a couple of them. The other race that I grew up with at my school were the bosnians. The people who considered themselves a part of this race were very close with each other. They had a very selected group of friends and there were few of them that were not bosnian. I never got to learn a whole lot about their culture, just because they all stuck to their own and never branched out to hang out with any of the people of different race. That was all that I experienced while living in the city I did. I learned a lot about all the different types of socioeconomic cultures. The different races in the community and how they impacted me and how I perceived them.

The sources of my information on these two groups have been my parents teachers and friends. I first get the idea from my parents, my teachers bring up the topics and my friends solidify my position on the topics. My friends and I never got into to politics, because we all know that politics is stupid and is going to ruin the world. With us not bringing politics into anything, it helped us value some things more. The sources of our information are the media and then if it was a big enough topic to discuss, we would usually just say if we thought it was cool or if it was another stupid media topic that got blown out of proportion. Growing up, the media got more and more around us. There was really never any kind of news regarding the different classes. Only when a man or woman got arrested and then there would be something said about their class then. If anything were to happen where a classmate got arrested and they were not of the white race, there would be some stupid things said about that. But when a kid of the white race got arrested, everybody thought he was innocent and was being treated unfairly. That was the only type of media coverage there was on the socioeconomic class and race. My friends were from all classes and we never made fun of the people who did not have a lot of money. If we were going to go do something as a group, the friend who could help the lower class friend would help him pay for it. This is what kept us friends together. We never really paid attention to the media very much, we just would always hear about something with muslims blowing something up, so we really did not like muslims. Partially because we never met one. Other than that, our parents play a huge part in what we believe in, but we have the ultimate choice to decide what we as an individual can believe in.

When there is a city with not much diversity. Are we considered racist because we truly do not see any difference in race because we grew up with such little differences. That is one thing I never understand. I literally see nothing different but skin color. But people will tell me I am racist because of that and I truly see nothing wrong with hanging out with people of a different race. The way that I grew up in the middle class, I believe that middle class gets along with the other classes way easier, because they can relate to both. It is harder for the polar opposite classes to get along because there are so many differences between them.

What I would like to know more about is how do I approach a new culture. Am I suppose to google it and try to blend in as well as I can? Am I supposed to just be there with my culture and look like an ignorant person? Or is there a happy medium between the both that I will need to find. I want to travel the world and experience the full blown culture of every place that I go. So this class is huge to me and I can not wait to learn more.

Post 4

So far this semester, the biggest thing that has stood out to me is how narrow my views were on culture. Since this class has started, I have been more open to experiencing more cultures and have actually gained interest in learning more about other cultures. Which has also made me more aware to why people are the way they are. It may sound a little ignorant, but I use to judge some people hardcore because they had different views than I do, different way of conversation and more. Now I am more understanding because I am more aware of finding out about their culture. The Adonica Limon video made me realize how ignorant I really have been with culture. It was tough to see somebody who could not be accepted by any culture she is actually a part of because she is mixed and not 100% one culture. But it was good to see that she found some people who were willing to help her and also that she has an amazing drive to be successful for her family. I never would have thought that one person can go through so much adversity in their life.

English only? & Flag Football

I believe that there should never be english only laws. One of the great things about America is the individualism. Not only of a person, but of culture. IF there are laws that state english only, we will be shutting down all of that. I believe that everybody should know the minimum english in order to have a conversation and to be able to receive help when needed and not around people who speak their language.

I was able to go down to salt lake with some teammates and Kameron. We went and helped Danjuma of Because he first loved us deliver donations to a group home for youth and teenagers. It was a lot of fun and we could tell the kids were really happy we were there. I have a teammate that is really tall and when one of the kids saw him his jaw dropped and his first question to my teammate was, ” Wanna get dunked on?”. We went and played flag football with them for a good hour. They all loved it and had a great time.

One of the crazy things that happened while we were there was during the flag football game. We had just scored a touchdown and out of the corner of my eye I saw a kid that was handcuffed being walked into the building by a police officer. That hit me hard because I never would have thought that during my normal day, there could be another kid being arrested and brought to a group home.

BBQerians, 3 & 4

Watching the video about the BBQeria, it made me feel weird to see people of my race be treated like that. The way that the people who were not native of the land just came in and decided that they owned them. It opened my eyes to how some other races may be treated and how that needs to change.

Chapter 3: The steps of intercultural competence was the part of this chapter that stuck with me. Some of the steps really made me realize that I need to know everything about the culture that I am about to encounter. Even if it is going to be uncomfortable, it is important to be as respectful as you possibly can. When I travel to a different country, I will be studying up on the culture to make sure I am not doing anything disrespectful.

Chapter 4: Really talked more in depth about culture. The values, and everything about a culture is important. I really realized how much diversity there is in every culture because of this. There is always the main stream culture that is outside of the household. Then, there is a culture that is in the household and that is where ht most diversity is.