English only? & Flag Football

I believe that there should never be english only laws. One of the great things about America is the individualism. Not only of a person, but of culture. IF there are laws that state english only, we will be shutting down all of that. I believe that everybody should know the minimum english in order to have a conversation and to be able to receive help when needed and not around people who speak their language.

I was able to go down to salt lake with some teammates and Kameron. We went and helped Danjuma of Because he first loved us deliver donations to a group home for youth and teenagers. It was a lot of fun and we could tell the kids were really happy we were there. I have a teammate that is really tall and when one of the kids saw him his jaw dropped and his first question to my teammate was, ” Wanna get dunked on?”. We went and played flag football with them for a good hour. They all loved it and had a great time.

One of the crazy things that happened while we were there was during the flag football game. We had just scored a touchdown and out of the corner of my eye I saw a kid that was handcuffed being walked into the building by a police officer. That hit me hard because I never would have thought that during my normal day, there could be another kid being arrested and brought to a group home.

BBQerians, 3 & 4

Watching the video about the BBQeria, it made me feel weird to see people of my race be treated like that. The way that the people who were not native of the land just came in and decided that they owned them. It opened my eyes to how some other races may be treated and how that needs to change.

Chapter 3: The steps of intercultural competence was the part of this chapter that stuck with me. Some of the steps really made me realize that I need to know everything about the culture that I am about to encounter. Even if it is going to be uncomfortable, it is important to be as respectful as you possibly can. When I travel to a different country, I will be studying up on the culture to make sure I am not doing anything disrespectful.

Chapter 4: Really talked more in depth about culture. The values, and everything about a culture is important. I really realized how much diversity there is in every culture because of this. There is always the main stream culture that is outside of the household. Then, there is a culture that is in the household and that is where ht most diversity is.

Me, 1 & 2

I am a senior this year. This is my second year here and I am also on the baseball team. I played junior college baseball 10 minutes north of the Mexican Border in Douglas, AZ. My Junior College was 99.5% Hispanic. It was a culture shock there because they all spoke Spanish to each other and I had not really learned it when I got there. Coming to Orem, Utah was way more of a culture shock to me. I have never been in a place where restaurants, malls and etc…  were all closed on Sundays. There is a whole different type of people here that I have never encountered. Until now. 

Chapter 1: I had never really even gone too in depth about culture before this class. It never really crossed my mind. When the booked talked about how diverse all the cultures are; I was blown away by how I never cared about culture. Now knowing about the diversity, I look at people a lot differently and am more accepting to the way they are. 

Chapter 2: With chapter 2 focusing on the values of cultures, It is crazy to think that eating with your left hand in a different country is frowned upon. Because of this chapter, I can be more aware that I am being as respectful as I can possibly be to the new cultures that I encounter.